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The Hi-Tip 50 is the latest addition to the Terra-Vac range, especially developed for golf courses and other large open spaces.

Powerful suction through a 1.2m scoop will lift the most stubborn leaves and gets the grass to stand-up, stimulating stronger growth. For those awkward, inaccessible areas or bunkers, the 4m x 20cm wanderhose gets the job done.

The high tipping facility ensures that the 5.0 cu.m. hopper can be emptied directly into a skip.

The simple but effective design of this machine ensures years of use with very little maintenance.

  • 1.4m wide scoop (wider options available)
  • 5.0 cu.m. hopper capacity
  • 4m x 20cm wanderhose as standard
  • Hydraulic ‘high tip’
  • 2 year warranty

Model Hi-Tip 50

Scoop width

Power Requirement 30hp
Capacity 5.0cu.m.
Overall Height 2.3m

Overall Width

Overall Length


Tipping Height 1.8m
Weight 1000kg

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