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If professional cleaning is required at speed, then the Terra-Vac Sweeper is the machine for you. Covering up to 10 acres per hour, the sweeper will pick-up droppings, remove dead grass (which will enhance growth) and leave your paddock with a healthy ‘striped’ appearance.

It will remove general rubbish, leaves and twigs. The height of the brush can be adjusted; higher to pick-up droppings or lowered to, say, scarify out moss.

The power brush is centrally pivoted so that it can ‘float’ in all directions to follow the contours of the ground. There is an adjustable brush deflector to direct the droppings to the back of the hopper, ensuring maximum fill.

The hopper has a large 7.0 cu.m. capacity which can be accurately loaded into trailers and skips hydraulically.

The Sweeper has been built using high quality materials and proven components. All of our machines incorporate rugged construction and are designed for ease of use with minimal maintenance.

  • Clears debris and waste effortlessly
  • Up to 10 acres per hour
  • Grooms and ‘stripes’
  • Floating power brush
  • 2 year warranty
  • Discharge height 1.95m
Model Sweeper

Brush Width

Overall Width 2.35m

Overall length
(excluding drawbar)

Hopper Capacity 7.0 Cu m
Discharge Height 1.95m
Overall Length


Power Requirement 35 hp
Working Speed Up to 10 mph

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